January 2018 Newsletter

Dear secret admirers, friend and members of the Mahurangi Cruising Club, best wishes for Happy New Year
on the water and elsewhere!

Many of you provided positive and constructive and also critical feedback for the 2017 Mahurangi Day
and Mahurangi Regatta.
Particularly helpful has been the collaboration with:

  • Mahurangi Action – Cimino Cole
  • CYA – Joyce Talbot, James Mortimer and Peter Mence
  • Classic Launches – Alan Houghton and Angus Rogers
  • Milford Cruising Club – Tim Turner, Mark Hoyle, Lance Johns, John Innes
  • Mullet Boat Association – Martin Robertson
  • Reactor-25 Association – Antony Toledo
  • H-28 Association – Nicholas Holey
  • Townson-32 Association – Tony Kendal
  • Shelly Park Cruising Club – Marcus Butterfield and Chris

We have considered all your recommendations and you will find them integrated into the structure of the 2018 Mahurangi Regatta. Thank you everybody!

We also want to thank all representatives of yacht clubs, associations and businesses, who attended the meeting arranged by Cimino towards the organization of the 2018 Mahurangi Regatta, which took place at the Clubrooms of the RNZYS. Present were:

  • Classic Yacht Association – Chairman Peter Mence
  • Mahurangi Action – Secretary Cimino Cole
  • Mahurangi Cruising Club – Commodore Boris Penchev and Ex Commodore Stephen Horsley
  • Milford Cruising Club – Vice Commodore Tim Turner
  • Panmure Yacht & Boating Club – Commodore Iain Rabbitts
  • Ponsonby Cruising Club – Commodore Tania Ruri and Vice Commodore Rob Vallom
  • Richmond Yacht Club – Commodore Gordon Dyer
  • Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron – General Manager Hayden Porter
  • Sandspit Yacht Club – Chairperson Lynette Smith
  • Teak Construction – Managing Director Stuart Charlton
  • Weiti Boating Club – Ex Commodore Colin Thrush

Our Yearbook expands both in volume – almost 100 pages this year – and in demand. The Yearbook team: Lyn Bergquist, Kelly Grove-Hills, Victor Hopwood and Martin Farrand and Stephen Horsley and Hugh Gladwell in the near past have continued the tradition founded by the first editor Ian Free and have gradually brought the Yearbook to a world best standard.

Not have only the volume and the quality of the MCC Yearbook amplified; the cost of its creation has expanded too. The selling price was not adapted for many years and gradually the financial aspect of this exercise became more and more concerning to our MCC Committee members. Therefore, this year, the MCC Yearbook is priced at $20 – for the general public.

A 25% discount – i.e. $15 – is available for all members, who have registered to participate into the 2018 Mahurangi Day and Mahurangi Regatta. “Registered Participant” means a participant, who has submitted an online entry via our website: www.mahurangicruisingclub.org either for racing in any of the eight yacht divisions, or for participating in the Classic Launch Parade.

The Mahurangi Regatta enjoys growing popularity, more boats join every year. This is great and we love it, but it also requires more work and funds and efficiency in the administration. We believe that these aspects have improved as a result of the extended collaboration with likeminded individuals, businesses and sailing organizations.

Our website, www.mahurangicruisingclub.org and the MCC Facebook page have facilitated our communications. Some of you are familiar with both and have found them suitable platforms for sharing ideas, news and for organizing sailing events.

We used online entries for our Spring Splash Rally and it worked. Encouraged by that, our ambition now is to adopt complete online processing of the pre-regatta administration, while leaving the traditional options still open.

You see, we do all this to save precious time at the event-days, time we can spend chatting with buddies, making new friends and sharing gossip and drinks.

You can greatly help us – and please do so – by submitting your entries online. Follow the instructions:

  1. Visit: www.mahurangicruisingclub.org
  2. If you are not yet a member – select “JOIN US”. An approval from the MCC web administrator may take a day.
  3. If you are already a member – select “LOGIN”.
  4. To enter the Regatta, select “SAILING EVENTS”, or visit: www.mahurangicruisingclub.org/event/mahurangi-regatta-2018/
  5. Select “REGISTER”.
  6. Fill the form.
  7. “SUBMIT”.
  8. Please use online banking to ASB 12-3095-0126805-00 and do remember to include the name of your boat as a reference!

Available, but less desirable entry options are still open:

  • post entry form – available on our website – to PO Box 555, Warkworth 0941 by 20th January, latest.
  • e-mail entry form to Svetlana Pencheva: sbpenchevs@yahoo.co.nz by 20th January, latest.
  • last-minute entry at Sullivans Bay on Saturday, 27 Jan, 9am to 11.30am; in gale Easterly conditions – at Scotts Landing.

Whatever form of entry you choose, please have a representative at the MCC Regatta Tent! They will collect your Yearbook and will check for last-minute amendments and perhaps buy a T-shirt, or a 2018 MCC Calendar and maybe more.

Calling all Classic Launches for 27 January!!

The Mahurangi Cruising Club and the Classic Yacht Association are keen to make the 2018 Classic Launch Parade the best and biggest that Mahurangi has ever seen.
We will have a dedicated CYA photographer. He and Lyn Bergquist, will be taking images of your gorgeous vessels and we will also have an expert on hand, to announce you, as you pass close to the shore.

And, as you all look so amazing, we have set aside pages in the next Mahurangi Yearbook to feature the Launch Parade, plus any suitable articles you may like to submit to our Editor, Kelly Grove-Hills. Her contact details are the table below. To help us achieve this, can you, please, let Joyce know at: admin@classicyacht.org.nz,
or call Joyce at: 021 818 448.

We will send you the meeting place and time …. it is usually around 10am at Scotts Landing but we will confirm this.

We have uploaded on our website www.mahurangicruisingclub.org the Programme of Events and the Sailing Instructions for the Mahurangi Day and the Mahurangi Regatta. As we are not perfect, our Programme and Instructions might have omitted things you would like to know in advance. In contrast, we are friendly and helpful, and we will answer all arising questions.
One such question could possibly be: “Why $15 entry fee for the Classic Launches?”.
Answer: The launches, which have entered online and have paid $15-optional “entry
fee” will receive in return our Yearbook 2018.

We will also provide in our next Yearbook, more dedicated pages for the Classic
Launches to publish articles and photographs.


The event is growing fast and becoming more expensive. The combined cost of the shoreside events (organized by Mahurangi Action) and the sailing events, (organized by the MCC) was more than $34,000 in 2017!

To be able to meet the expanding financial demand and to run the Mahurangi Regatta in the future, we need to develop a sustainable business plan and the minor changes you see this year are part of this plan.

MCC Committee Members can be contacted at:

See you at Mahurangi, where for one day on water and sailing,
the gods require many days’ work on Earth.

Fair winds

Borislav Penchev (Boris)
Commodore Mahurangi Cruising Club


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One thought on “January 2018 Newsletter

  1. Alan Houghton Reply

    Very pleased to see the undertaking to include the classic launches more in the post event publicity / coverage. I know fundamentally its a sailing regatta but there are more classic launches in the harbour on regatta day than any other event in NZ. In fact I’m sure there would be more launches than keelers.
    Its a great offer re the ‘free’ copy of the Year Book with every vessel event registration, so come on woodys – sign up 😉
    Alan H

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