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Gypsy – the last and most graceful of Arch Logan’s creations is a true piece of New Zealand’s maritime heritage.  She was owned by John Prior, from Kawau Island, who had to start work on her all over again after a terrible accident in Auckland Harbour where she was sunk.  With the help of the Gypsy Trust, she has been largely restored and is currently in the guardianship of three young siblings who sail her and continue with the restoration work in keeping with the best of New Zealand boat-building tradition.

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2 thoughts on “Gypsy – in Boating NZ

  1. Andrew Mason Reply

    We would like to invite Gypsy to join us at the Herne Bay Cruising Club Centreboard Cup on Sat 9 December 2017; This regatta takes place at Sloanes Beach, Herne Bay, adjacent to the home of the Leyland family who commissioned Gypsy’s building. Some of the earliest photos of Gypsy are on Sloanes Beach (eg where we think she completed her fit-out after being launched across the harbour at Birkenhead. We would be honoured if Gypsy were to return to her early home as part of our regatta. Andrew

  2. Borislav Penchev Reply

    Hi Andrew

    Thank you for the excellent idea.

    Your message has been passed to the current guardians of Gypsy: the three Penchevs: Dimitar, Lora and Vessie. I believe, that Gypsy will be there.

    Best wishes

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