June 2017 Mid Winter Dinner Newsletter

A cocktail of Mid-Winter Dinner & Annual General Meeting
is offered in a ratio 10 / 1
Lots of dinner and little of meeting

Hm, hm, hm. “No news is a good news” used to be a joke, which comes true several in several countries in several continents, times daily, in the last several years.
In New Zealand, we are still not afraid of news, we love news and we enjoy gossips.


Gossip #1: New Zealand IS a Continent

The name Zealandia was suggested by geophysicist Bruce Luyendyk in 1995, but not all things move fat in the Pacific.
Zealandia is standing high above the Ocean crust, but 94% of its territory is under the water. It’s combined under and above water surface, which includes New Caledonia, is not much smaller than Australia.
The two continents almost touch each other here. Aussies have been using our territorial waters for some times and this has to be rectified. NZ students in Australia should get a bonus for enrolling and free beer.




Gossip #2: Zealandia is a SPACE CONTINENT


Having had plenty of every type of ocean adventures, New Zealanders are now launching space ships before it gets too crowded up there.
No wonder Kiwis use modern boatbuilding carbon fibre tricks to manufacture fast star machines. One thing I can’t understand is why the Space Lab skipper Peter Beck never smiles. He has got hell of a lot of reasons.





Gossip #3: Never underestimate a Bulgarian, particularly an old Bulgarian


Couple of weeks earlier on the 18th of May, Dr Vasil Kurtev, an 80-years-old retired Bulgarian dentist completed his solo circumnavigation with a homebuilt 40 feet long yacht named Odesos. “Odesos” is the ancient name of the city of Varna – the home city of the current Commodore.
Vasil left Varna on August 2015 and returned in May 2017. Under his belt are also number of singlehanded offshore trips, all accomplished faultlessly with home built yachts. I remember his circumnavigation of Black sea, two-three return journeys from Bulgaria to America, including the 1984 trans-Atlantic singlehanded Ostar race, with the folk boat Nord he built. The next Ostar was attended again by Nord, but with a Bulgarian girl on the helm – Petia Christova, who beat the Doctor’s time.

Men can also have a preferred hairstyle.


Gossip #4: Annual General Meeting


  1. Commodore’s report for the period June 2016-June 2017 – 5 min
  2. Election of New Vice Commodore – 5 min
  3. Financial report – 5 min


Gossip #5: Mid-Winter Dinner – not a gossip, not a news – a tradition


Mid-Winter Christmas Menu
CUISINE Buffet Options
Complementary Poppy seed hand crafted dinner rolls and tea and coffee


  • Tuscan style Roasted Seasonal Vegetables.
  • Roasted Gourmet Potatoes with Rosemary and Thyme Butter.


  • Roasted Kumara, Bacon, and egg Salad.
  • Moroccan Chickpea Salad.
  • Beetroot & Feta orange Salad.
  • Crisp Garden Salad.


  • Herb & Mustard crust whole Sirloin with a Béarnaise sauce.
  • Honey glazed Champagne Ham accompanied by Pineapple puree.
  • Lemon scented Chicken with Thyme j us.


  • Rum & Maple syrup Baked Salmon F i l let with Saffron Caper Aioli.
  • Pan Roasted Snapper.


  • Steamed Pudding dressed with Butterscotch sauce.
  • New Zealand Pavlova dressed with Fresh Fruit.
  • Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad.
  • Chocolate cake
  • Banana Cake
  • Carrot Cake
  • Whipped Chantilly cream with Chocolate shards.
  • Italian Lemon Meringue Pie.
  • Chocolate brownie

$40. 00 PER PERSON:
Choose 2 Meat, 1 Seafood, 4 Salads, Vegetable options, 3 Desserts.

ROOMS + BREAKFAST – $130. To book contact the Salty Dog Inn: 242 Mahurangi East Road, Snells Beach, saltydoginn.co.nz, 09-425 5588
Please RSVP Victor and Ngaire Hapwood at ngairehopwood@yahoo.co.nz.

Any musical instruments and performances, speeches, poems, acrobatics, raffles, puzzles…and more are welcomed.

See you there
Boris – Commodore Mahurangi Cruising Club

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