February 2017 Newsletter

God might be a Bulgarian, at least I – Boris from Bulgaria – thought so on the 28th of February, when fresh breezes, blue skies and sparkling seas replaced the gloom of the previous week. Apparently the 40th Mahurangi Regatta was to be a good one. That gave me a sense of fulfillment as the newly elected Commodore of the Mahurangi Cruising Club.

The Mahurangi Club Committee members: Jill, Helen, Kelly, Sally, Ngaire, Svetlana, Mel, Margaret, Bert, Mike, James, Steve, Hugh, Victor, Martin and Lyn, who had not contributed directly toward the establishment of favourable atmospheric conditions, compensated by working hard until dark, taking entries, selling magazines and T-shirts, calculating race results, accommodating visitors and much more.

Sincere thanks to the MCC Committee members and to Stephen Horsley in particular, for being tireless supporters of their apprentice Commodore and for making the 2017 Mahurangi Regatta once again a memorable sailing feast.

Admirations to the Mahurangi Action Team and to TEAK Construction – the principal sponsor of the day. The partnership of these two vitally important organisations for the success of the event provided again all facilities needed on both sides of The River. These included everything from chef knives for Rumen, who fed the musicians, to tents, BBQs, shuttle bus, signs, stage, portable toilets and much more.

Cimino, the composer and conductor of the Sullivan’s Bay Fiesta was prepared meticulously. The numerous entertainments and sporting challenges organized by his team unfolded faultlessly one after another and were pleasing thousands of spectators. Cimino’s apprentice, Tessa, made him proud too.

The Grand Parade of Classic Launches for me, personally, was the culmination of the morning fairy tale. I wish I knew their numbers. I had the feeling, that hundreds of them steamed along the ‘sea alley’ thoughtfully demarcated with buoys. The entire event reminded me of an outdoor living museum of New Zealand maritime history – there were floating devices of all sizes, eras and descriptions. I think that submarines were not spotted, but who knows, they could have been nearby.

No Royals that day, but yachting celebrities were around. One can recognize them on the photographs taken and provided generously by Lyn Bergquist. And Steve Stone, the founder of Off Center Harbor, who had arrived from Maine, USA especially to film the occasion, while Bryce Taylor was working for Boating NZ and Ben Donaldson, from Mahurangi Matters did his own research and filming from the deck of the Jane Gifford.

Two new trophies were designed and manufactured by Club members this year.

TEAK Construction Trophy for first on handicap in the Modern Classic Division, as one can guess, was sponsored by TEAK Construction. It was designed and manufactured by Svetlana and Boris Penchev in close collaboration with James Buttle and Stephen Horsley. This trophy presents a historic account of twenty-eight NZ yacht designers, who have worked towards the formation of the ‘Modern Classic Yacht’, or as James and others suggest the ‘Modern Cruiser’. The trophy is a 38-cm disc made of teak and kauri. On its periphery there are fourteen medallions with the faces and names of the most influential designers. In the centre, there is a plate with the names of fourteen more designers, who have also made their mark.

Winch Trophy for first over the line – Line honours in Modern Classic Division. This trophy was sponsored by the MCC. It was designed and manufactured by Jacques de Kervor with a winch donated by Hugh Gladwell. Again, this trophy has a circular teak base with an elevated 40-cm long piece of spar from Peter Bailey’s Sorceress, and has attached to it, a Murray Minor winch.

A little more racing time, please – many thought so, me included. Tens of boats needed one to five more minutes of racing time to finish before 5.00 pm. However, the judges were punctual, merciless and not easily corrupted. When reading the Regatta Newsletter from 2016 one can see a similar pattern: “Unfortunately, many didn’t get to the finish…”. A 2017 Regatta statistics seen on the table demonstrates similar pattern.

TOTAL952122.1% - Too high rate of DNF!
Modern Classic335Trojan Eagle started in a wrong division
Traditional Spirit42
Mahurangi Cup2710Woollacotts - only one finished
Te Haupa142The 2 DNF not spotted on the start. DNS?
A Class61
L Class 5
Frostbite 5

I wonder if we could consider an earlier start next year?!

Mahurangi Regatta has strong traditions when it comes to race results. The newly elected Bulgarian Commodore kept these traditions alive despite his initial ambitions to change them. The results were calculated on time, but it was discovered later, that some were the subject of corrections. These were circulated on the 3rd of February via Boating NZ, the Mahurangi Action website and in Mahurangi Matters. Shortly afterwards new reasons for new corrections emerged.

These are the wise thoughts of one of the connoisseurs of the Mahurangi Regatta.

“I think that we need to remember that this is the Mahurangi Cruising Club and that it is quite normal for disorganization, incorrect results and general chaos despite good intentions. The only people who seem to mind are those far too serious about the ‘racing’ and results rather than celebrating the regatta and having a good time as is the club’s intention for the event. I need to remind myself of this frequently with the help of a little rum!”

This year the Club will collect the trophies early and will post certificates with the pictures of the trophies to the true winners. I believe, though, that a newly created program will enable us to provide timely accurate racing results in 2018.

Well, some enjoyed the rum and the wine won by others, but while life is not always fair – it is always beautiful, though, at Mahurangi.

I apologise on behalf of the Mahurangi Cruising Club Committee to all affected.

Below are the true and final race results. In addition to that, a pdf file with details about times, handicaps, etc. are provided as a separate pdf file attached to this email.

Minerva Cup – CORONA
Line honours in the Mahurangi Cup

Mahurangi Cup – CORONA
First on handicap – classic wooden yachts pre-1955 design

A-Class Handicap Trophy – ACHERNAR
First on handicap

A-Class Bottle of Rum – ACHERNAR
Line honours

Old Gaffers Bell – THELMA
First gaff-rigged boat on handicap

Octavius Cup – ESCAPADE
Eighth to finish in the Mahurangi Cup

Herreshoff Trophy – TE KAWAI
First Herreshoff on handicap in the Mahurangi Cup

Lady Pat Trophy – KATHRYN ANNE
First Bert Woollacott on corrected time in the Mahurangi Cup

Logan Trophy – IORANGI
First Logan on handicap

Mullet L-Class 22ft – ORION
Line honours

Mullet L-Class 22ft – ORION
First on handicap

Dawdle of Te Kapa Trophy – KATHRYN ANNE
Celebrating 20th year of club regatta – 20th to finish
Mahurangi Cup & Traditional Spirit event

Sorceress Cup – PIPI
Line honours in Te Haupa Trophy event

Te Haupa Trophy – SARA
First on handicap – classic yachts pre-1955 under 20’

Spirit of Justice Trophy – PRINCESS IOD
Line honours Traditional Spirit event

Traditional Spirit Trophy – PRINCESS IOD
First on handicap

Winch Trophy-Modern Classic – APPARITION
Line honours

TEAK Constructions Modern Classic – APPARITION
First on handicap – boats built between 1955 and 1985

Handicappers Trophy – RAINDANCE

Will Watch Trophy – PAM & GEORGE, Whangateau Boat Shed
For meritorious achievement

John Cole Trophy – HAROLD KIDD – Marine historian and author
Awarded for aesthetic contribution to the Mahurangi Regatta.

Walker Log Trophy – SEA FEVER

The Mahurangi Day and the Mahurangi Regatta are blossoming as are the Mahurangi Cruising Club and Mahurangi Action

Many said that this year was the biggest ever. This is great, but where is more of the local media? Why is TV never around? Why are soapy, sugary advertisements and murders readily delivered 24-hours a day, while inspirational and truly New Zealand events of great educational and emotional values are neglected?

Is Auckland still the City of Sails?

Yes, despite the lack of media interest. Yes, Auckland was, is and will be the City of Sails, thanks to those who are on the other side of the coin today: Classic Yacht Association, Devonport Yacht Club, Milford Cruising Club, Panmure Yacht and Boating Club, Pine Harbour Cruising Club, Richmond Yacht Club, Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Weiti Boating Club, Local Council and local businesses such as TEAK Construction.



1) CYA – Trillian Trust Classic Yacht Regatta – March 3 – 5
For information contact: James Mortimer m: 021 532 500
e: yachtcaptain@classicyacht.org.nz
Joyce Talbot p: 836 4747 m: 021 818 448 e: joycetalbot@icloud.com

2) Easter Rally – North Cove Kawau Island – April 14 – 17
Good Friday: Optional meet at the Kawau Boating Club. Saturday morning briefing at Lin and Larry Pardeys’ wharf 11.00am, BBQ and sausage sizzle provided. This is a Mark Foy race on the Saturday – First boat away 1.00pm $10 entry. Pot Luck BBQ and prize giving ashore at 6.00pm. All boats welcome. First across the finish receives the Victory Rum Trophy, full of course! And the Gypsy Trophy awarded to a worthy recipient is decided on the night.

3) Spring Splash – Kawau Boating Club – October 21 – 22


1) Contacts details for MCC Committee Members

  • Borislav Penchev (Boris) – 021 031 8120; sbpenchevs@yahoo.co.nz
  • Svetlana Pencheva – 021 150 5855; sbpenchevs@yahoo.co.nz
  • Stephen Horsley (Steve) – 027 280 7497; srhorsley@gmail.com
  • Hugh Gladwell – 021 606 409; dorothyandhugh@gmail.com
  • Kelly Grove-Hills – 021 981 261; kellygrovehills@gmail.com
  • Victor & Ngaire Hopwood – 021 373 575; ngairehopwood@yahoo.co.nz
  • Lyn Bergquist – 021 930 747; artdept@orcon.net.nz
  • Helen Johnson – 09 422 3332
  • James Buttle – 027 275 6778; james@whakaari.com
  • Martin Farrand – 021 933 804; martin@forbespack.co.nz
  • Jacques de Kervor – 022 634 8878; boatsmith@gmail.com
  • Lin Pardey – 021 063 6772; lpardey@xtra.co.nz

2) Photographs from the Mahurangi Regatta available on our Facebook page.

3) Subscriptions are now due for 2017 – only $15. Yearbook $10 with club subscription. Please send cheques to: The Treasurer, Mahurangi Cruising Club, PO Box 555, Warkworth. Or electronic banking ASB 12-3095-0126805-00.

4) Yearbooks are available at discerning outlets. Or order by post, email and electronic banking to account as above.

5) T-shirts, burgees and mags
Two different designs T-shirts are available:
$25 for MCC logo on front;
$30 for MCC logo and illustration with headline on the back.

See you at Mahurangi where for one day on water, Gods give two days on Earth.

Fair winds

Borislav Penchev (Boris)
Commodore Mahurangi Cruising Club

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